Hi I'm Mitchy!

I'm a Filipino who grew up in one of the beautiful islands in the Philippines called Bohol, in a little town called TALIBON. Growing up, my late Tita Baghee introduced me to a book called "1,001 Fantastic Facts" which sparked my interest about the wonders of the world. This brought the subject of World History and Geography closer to my heart. There was even a time back in high school, when I had dreamed of becoming an Archeologist. Concerned for my future, my family and friends discouraged me from pursuing that dream. They felt it would not bring me any sizeable earnings nor help my family in the future. So I gave up that dream.

nIn college, I took up Nursing in hopes of following the footsteps of my Aunt in Florida, USA; reuniting with her in the process. But on March 2003, she died of breast cancer. This was one of the gloomiest days of our family. Despite this, I decided to stick to my plan and stood strong.

The USA was the original destination I had in mind and came close to taking the NCLEX-RN qualification exam. Yet, things don't always go the way we planned it want it. Deep inside my heart, I believed that everything happens for a reason. Before I knew it, I had ventured to the unfamiliar territory of NEW ZEALAND -- alone at age 20. Little did I know that this would be the start of everything.

In time, I met my husband and my awesome in-laws. Together with them and my most genuine friends, we travelled all over the North and South Island OF New Zealand. We had the most adventurous escapades in QUEENSTOWN! Imagine Bungy Jumping and Skydiving, all in a day. We also sat foot on Cape Reinga (Northernmost tip of the country) all the way down to the Bluff (the Southernmost tip).

When my husband (then boyfriend) got an offer in Australia, most of us followed him. This started another set of adventures. By this time, I had started getting out of my comfort zone (Australia and New Zealand) and decided to see what else the WORLD had in store.

My first solo travel outside the country was in CAPE TOWN, SOUTH AFRICA. When I saw the Table Mountains for the first time and saw the shades of magenta the two oceans created, I knew the wanderlust bug had bitten me to the core. And from then on, I had never stopped discovering the world. :)

Thanks for reading this section!

P. S. If you're asking if I continued my Nursing career.. Yes, I am still doing it. After all, how else would I be able to afford all these travels, right? nI am working as a Travel and Agency Nurse, and this is the best damn job I have ever had. :)

Ask me anything!

xx Mitchy